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2022-01-15 09:11:20 By : Mr. Jaffery Jay

Shaquille O’Neal is widely regarded as the most dominant player in NBA history and is often compared to Wilt Chamberlain for how he destroyed defenses with size and power. Shaq used his physical gifts to his advantage, capturing 4 NBA championships and 3 Finals MVPs. A 15-time All-Star and 14-time All-NBA Team performer, O’Neal accomplished everything in the NBA at an individual and team level. That is why The Diesel is recognized as one of the top-ten players in NBA history.

A superstar of Shaq’s ability on the court is worthy of a legendary car collection that includes 30 rides and possibly more that we are unaware of. It has been reported that O’Neal spends over $20,000 per month on gasoline, a number that is not too unreasonable considering the type of rides that the big man needs. O’Neal is 7’1” and over 320 lbs, meaning he needs larger cars to fit a gigantic man. We have seen how Michael Jordan and LeBron James have legendary car collections, but Shaquille O’Neal might have outdone them both.

It is widely reported that the Ford Bronco II is Shaq’s first truck that he owned, and it perfectly suits him because of the bouncing speaker system. Apparently, Shaq had a 1900 watt bass amp to make the vehicle stand out on the streets when the windows are rolled down. As if the vehicle did not stand out more with a 7’1”, 320lb giant inside.

West Coast Customs, one of Shaq’s go-to vehicle professionals, built this car for the 3-time Finals MVP superstar. The Jeep Wrangler did not need any major adjustments to fit Shaq comfortably, although it is only a 2-door model to allow for maximum legroom. Other than the 2-door adjustment (which certainly looks cool), Shaq’s vehicle looks relatively normal to other models of this kind.

It is hilarious to imagine Shaq entering a Buick and feeling comfortable, but he actually manages very well. The only issue is that nobody else will have much space, especially in the back. Nonetheless, O’Neal is one of the most iconic pitchmen for the brand and his vehicle is one of the most “normal” for fans to see.

The iconic Vaydor is simply a (quite) affordable kit on the Infiniti G35 Coupe. Shaq’s is extremely unique because it stands out everywhere it goes despite the average performance. Remember, the car is simply powered by the 3.5 Liter V-6 engine that it was made with. Most people won’t know, because it looks absolutely gorgeous.

With a Superman logo on the grill (his iconic trademark), Shaq’s Navigator is the first vehicle optimized by the famed West Coast Customs. A lowered ride with a metallic paint job, the Lincoln Navigator also comes with a supercharged engine and plush black leather seats. Quite frankly, we will probably live an entire lifetime without seeing a Navigator quite like this one.

The ultimate tough guy vehicle, the F-150 is one of Shaq’s most iconic vehicles. With its bright gold color, it will always stand out on the streets. The low-profile wheels look extremely unique for such a large man in a large car, exact points why this might be one of the most eye-popping Ford vehicles in America.

Shaq’s Hellcat is extremely fast, thanks to a 6.2L V-8 engine that generates over 700 horsepower. Packed with an elite sound system, Shaq will have no issue getting where he needs to go with pace and style. The Dodge speedster might not be the most luxurious car that the 15-time All-Star has owned, but it is certainly one of the fastest.

Shaquille O’Neal has seemingly gone electric, or at least for the time being. His Nikola Badger is a hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid pickup truck that can hit speeds of 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. It is obviously a beautifully-built car with exceptional standards, so we will see how the Hall of Fame basketball star ends up rocking it after some pending customizations.

Credit: Shaquille O'Neal

This Mercedes van is completely custom-built for the 4-time NBA champion because it has wood flooring, a flatscreen TV, a minibar, and a luxury sound system. Not to mention, crafted quilted seats are a beautiful addition to a beautiful vehicle.

Thanks to the brilliant work of Droptop Customs, Shaq’s Dodge Challenger comes custom-built with a convertible roof. With a V-8 engine to power the vehicle through the streets, Shaq’s custom vehicle also has awesome comfort customizations with leather/suede seating and perfect sizing for the big man to feel at ease inside.

Obviously, a standard Ferrari F355 Spider cannot fit a monster of a man like Shaquille. That is why the model was extended to fit his 320 lb frame, a fitting adjustment that the center needs. The top had to be removed for O’Neal’s head to fit, so the big man does not have to feel squeezed inside the car. Of course, Shaq F1 on the license plate is fitting enough.

Everybody knows that Shaq is an actual cop, as he is a licensed police deputy in the state of Georgia. Driving in a Hellcat means that Shaq can catch up to anybody he wants, and once he steps out, all problems will probably be solved immediately. O’Neal had to enjoy racing through the streets in the Police custom vehicle because quite frankly, he might be the most famous cop ever.

A Ford F-650 is large enough as it is, but Shaquille O’Neal made it look like a legitimate monster truck. Funny enough, this vehicle looks normal when Shaq is next to it. His F-650 also comes in a Terminator theme, but he also has one with a chrome finish for maximum pop. Coming with (most likely) a 6.8-liter engine, expect Shaq to be blazing through the streets at 4,750 horsepower.

As a member of the Miami Heat, Shaquille O’Neal needed vehicles that appropriately reflect his dominance on the court. The center was still one of the most dominant bigs in the league after leaving the Lakers, and his Terminator Themed Ford F-650 is one of his most recognizable vehicles. It certainly looks mean as if it just came straight from hell, a perfect vehicle for a firey Miami Heat player.

Shaq’s Superman-sized Escalade is incredibly custom, with a Superman logo on the grill and butterfly doors. The Cadillac’s doors fit Shaq perfectly because the width has been taken into account for maximum comfort and ease of entering/exiting. O’Neal has been seen in many pictures in the SUV, and he certainly makes it look better than anything else out there.

As a member of the Miami Heat, Shaq knew he needed something custom-made for a superstar of his caliber. After all, driving in South Beach in a “Shaq-A-Lac” is something O’Neal was always destined to do. Built by West Coast Customs, Shaq’s Cadillac has cream-colored seats and a banging speaker system.

A behemoth car with custom rims is exactly what we would expect Shaq to be in. O’Neal’s Hummer 2 might be the most unique that we have seen because the maroon color with the Superman logo on the wheels makes it pop like no other. Fittingly, it is reported that the Hummer has an 18” subwoofer installed for ear-popping bass. This Hummer is as Shaqalicious as it gets.

The S550 is completely custom because an ordinary sedan will not be able to fit a 7’1”, 320 lbs behemoth. Instead, the Mercedes has its retractable fabric roof, and the doors open suicide style. Quite frankly, the car needed these modifications for Shaq to ride inside, because he would never be able to get in and out. Not to mention, the rims are custom to suit Shaq’s flashy taste, a great choice considering how amazing they look.

With a chrome Superman logo on the front, nobody will ever mistake another celebrity behind the wheel of this luxury vehicle. Besides the chrome logo, and other chrome adjustments (including the mesh grill), the Rover is as close to stock as it can get. O’Neal seems to understand that a Range Rover is an ultimate luxury vehicle as is, and just needed some chrome additions to make it special for him.

This Lamborghini is yet another vehicle that needed to be stretched to fit Shaq comfortably, although one will never guess that when it is blazing through the streets. The sports car is worth over $190,000 if there are extra modifications that we might not be aware of, but it is without a doubt a looker if a 7-foot giant is sitting inside.

O’Neal’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan is one of the All-Star’s most standout vehicles because it packs size and luxury in one of the most iconic builds ever. This Rolls-Royce is not the first one that Shaq has owned, and it most likely won’t be the last. The center rides around in style almost every day of his life, and this vehicle is one of the most luxurious that O’Neal owns.

Of course, Shaq’s Rolls Royce Phantom tops the charts as probably the best vehicle the 4-time NBA champion owns. The big man bought one for himself and also one for LeBron James’ birthday in 2009, which means O’Neal might be the best teammate anyone could ever have. Unsurprisingly, this Phantom was customized to fit O’Neal’s large frame as comfortably as possible.